Pro Solve Consulting Sarls promotes and practices Mediation in Civil, Commercial, neighborhood dispute and Inter-cultural mediation including all areas in which a mediation process is required.

PSC Sarl-s also provides advice, consultancy and support services to individuals, companies, communities, public and private organizations.

Additionally, the company provides advice on business strategy, organizational management, management, technologies, information systems, human resources, marketing, communication, financial advice on investment projects, from design to implementation, and related activities.



Civil mediation

  • An employer and his employee (HR)
  • Two managers/ directors of a company (Hierarchy issues)
  • Owner and tenant (Property dispute)
  • Money claims
  • Spouses (Divorce and custody)
  • Heirs dispute

Commercial mediation

  • Business disputes
  • Claims settlement
  • Business Restructuring
  • Real estate co-ownership
  • Agreement, person with a contract

Neighboring dispute

  • Neighbours miscommunication
  • Property damage
  • Gardening issues


  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Operations
  • Transformation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sustainability across all industries and geographies


Cost Efficient
Because of its less adversarial nature, mediation is an efficient and cost-effective means of dispute settlement. It allows parties to explore workable and interest-based solutions, to determine the outcome of the procedure according to their business needs, and to preserve the relationship in the long term.
Mediation is very efficient and takes much less time than litigation or arbitration. On average a mediation takes six weeks from the appointment of the mediator. But if urgency requires, a mediation may take place and be finalized in a few days. It is an informal procedure usually with one full day session and further sessions if necessary. Argument positions are exchanged directly or via the mediator. No exchange of long depositions, no hearings of witnesses or expert witnesses as with litigation or arbitration./span>
Mediation is a shut entryway private issue and the prime preferred standpoint related to intervention is privacy. The mediator intervention is private regardless of whether it brings about the settlement and determination of the question. Eventually, the parties are likewise expected to keep private, all issues identifying with the mediation procedures. Notwithstanding amid the procedures when one party gives data to the mediator subject to a particular condition that it is to be kept classified, the middle person is blocked from unveiling that data to the other party.


LEADER Éislek (March-June 2021)
Étude sur la gestion de conflit de voisinages dans les communes partenaires de la région LEADER Éislek
Avec le feu vert de LEADER Éislek, PSC met en place le service de « School Guide » dans les communes partenaires de LEADER Éislek. L'initiative initiale est de LEADER Mullerthal qui est applicable dans les régions LEADER au Luxembourg.
  1. Clervaux Senior School Guide: La commune de Clervaux a mis en place le Clervaux Senior School Guide, un service d’accompagnement scolaire intergénérationnel.
  2. Wincrange School Guide: La commune de Wincrange est en processus d’établir un service d’accompagnement scolaire pour les enfants de l’enseignement fondamentale. (Service en construction)
Outsourcing de médiation de voisinage pour la commune de Kayl Gestion de conflit afin d’établir le bon vivre dans la commune La commune introduit un service de médiation - Administration Communale de Kayl

About Me

Cinque Terre

Holder of an LLB Hons, Mediation Diploma and MA in intercultural Communication, Raginee Poloogadoo is an experienced accredited mediator in property and commercial disputes, intercultural conflicts, and complex neighbor negotiations. She has been doing communities mediation for the past years in Luxembourg. She speaks English, French, German, Hindi, and Luxemburgish.

Raginee: “I strongly encourage conflicting party to consider all dimensions to the dispute, including strengths and weaknesses in their position as well as those of the other party. In addition, I urge consideration of what result might arise from an adversarial determination as well as the economic and emotional costs of getting to that point”.

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